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Welcome to the new look Alison’s Animals website!! Feel free to have a sniff around!

Why not check out the brand new ‘Friends of the Doghouse‘ section, where you can upload your own animal cartoons and photos!

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  • kernowhuskies says:

    Wanted to say thanks for drawing the husky cow pat card.
    Its so apt for my grey and white boy who’s nickname is mushu-la-poo as he’s always rolling in some poo when we go walking + you never get huskies on cards so thanks.

  • dixy says:

    Hi Kernow huskies

    So glad you like the cartoon : ) I’m surprised there aren’t more huskies on greetings cards as they are such gorgeous dogs.
    Pippin has the same habit which is pretty disgusting but at least she’s got short hair. If you have a photo of musha-la-poo we would love to see him – with or without poo !

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