Welcome to Tales From The Doghouse, a weekly window into the lives of three very interesting dogs and their wild adventures. Whether it’s holiday to the seaside, a quiet mealtime together, or an insight into one of the terrier’s wild imaginations, there is no short of excitement to behold.

Meet the feisty Dixie, the loveable old Rex and the mischievous Pippin!

Meet The Characters


The leader of our trio and the fieriest member of the group. A tough, yet excitable and loving Jack Russel, who loves all things small, furry, bouncy and squeaky. Dixie owns an extensive collection of chew toys and neighbourhood tennis balls, and keeps the local squirrels in order.



The youngest member, a little Jack Russel whose pep far exceeds her physical size. As well as joining in with the other two on their escapades, Pippin has been known to venture off on her own little adventures. Being the smallest in the group is by no means a classification as ‘the underdog’, as Pippin will often demonstrate.



Rex, the Golden Retriever, is the eldest of the trio and by far the most sensible. Whilst keeping himself out of mischief he casts a watchful eye over all goings on, just in case someone drops some food. Rex is very a loveable character, leaving a lasting impression on all those who meet him, his hair.

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