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Sneak Peek – 2017 Calendar

By November 4, 2015 No Comments

Psst! Here’s an early bird viewing of October, from Alison’s Animals Official 2017 calendar.





The inspiration for this cartoon came about by Alison Lingley getting her chickens to pose with a carved pumpkin. Unfortunately, the chickens were not as prepared for this as hoped:

Alison Lingley says; “I put the large carved pumpkin in with the hens for a photo shoot for this sketch. I told them I wanted a nice group photo, smiling and admiring the yummy pumpkin. Sadly it turns out that even though they loved the bits I’d given them before they were not impressed with a giant carved head.”

Scary Pumpkin Hen pumpkin pumpkin wide berth 2 hens


Don’t forget, you can purchase 2016 calendars by visiting the following link: http://www.ishey.com/2016_Bark__Purr__Neigh__Cluck_and_Oink_calendar/PNBPNCO-4

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