gerbil-comic-smlAbout Alison Lingley

A bit about me ….

I was born in Derbyshire and am told I drew on any flat surface – appropriate or not – from the moment I could wield a pencil.

At school I supplemented my pocket money by painting record sleeves on leather jackets and by drawing and circulating a comic called “Gerbil Weekly” Yes, honestly, I still have a few copies to prove it ! It featured a cast of gerbil characters and mainly poked fun at the school and staff.

jump-all-smlThis venture taught me the terror of looming deadlines and the peril of satire getting into the wrong hands …

I spent a lot of my early working life at a succession of riding stables and boarding kennels. A bit unconventional for a cartoonist / illustrator but I think it helped – I understand too well what it feels like to take a jump without the horse (my speciality).

I also know that chihuahuas do not think they are small dogs and you would never take a labrador to an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

fat-lab-smlThey don’t teach these essentials at art school.

I am now very privileged to be able to live and work in beautiful Gloucestershire ably assisted by the real life stars of “Tales from the Doghouse”

Alison Lingley

My Inspiration

Dixy, senior Jack Russell…

…Rex, who is just “A Very Good Dog”…

…and Pippin, eater of shoes.